2013 City Streets Tour is fast approaching…

October 18, 2013

I’ve finished updating the site with the exception of going over and adding new links. This will be done in the next few days…having said that if you are looking for someone in particular leave a comment and I’ll see what I’ve got for them.

Take a look around…there are new houses and artisans this season.

*** The City Streets logo, brochure and fliers designed by Little Lisa Big Designs • lisa@littlelisabigdesigns.com


November 6, 2012

A few changes!

You will notice I’ve changed a couple of things on the site…

  • I’ve made the 2013 flyer the “home” page for the site…seems more appropriate to open with the flyer, as this is the information people are looking for!
  • I’ve included the “Posts” pages at the bottom of the Tour Information…below the Posts is the Gallery page and the Articles and Reviews.
  • Updating is in progress for 2013…check back!

I’m hoping this will  make for easier reading of the site as well as easier to find what you are looking for.

Time is flying by…won’t be long  before the Tour is upon us.

As always…if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


October 24, 2012

Almost done!

I’ve been enjoying myself adding and updating the website.  There is still some tweaking I’d like to do but for now all the information has been updated and is usable as is.

On the side bar you will find links to the following pages:

  • 2012 Brochure
  • 2012 Flyers
  • 2012 Maps
  • on the side bar you will find the addresses of each house.. the pages show all the vendors who will be at that particular address and what it is they do.  The websites on each page allow you to click through to the individual web sites.  Right click on the email addresses and you can copy it.
  • links on the side bar, allows easy access to the artisans website or Facebook page if provided.
  • photo gallery from previous years as well as previous articles and reviews.

If you have any questions or a comment please don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a message.



October 22, 2012

Began Updating Today!

I’ve started updating the website…

  • updated the houses and the artisans/vendors in each house.  Click each address on the side to be taken to the individual page for each house.
  • the links to the artisans website on the side bar are up to date.


  • link to the City Streets Tour Facebook page is coming.
  • I’ll be posting the street maps.
  • a copy of the brochure
  • a copy of the handbill

I hope to have the updating finished within the next week or so…so check back!


October 4, 2012

City Streets Tour 2012

The Creative Co-operative members, are preparing for one of the finest craft shows in North Bay, the “City Streets Tour”.    Save the date…November 24th, 2012…you won’t want to miss this grand event.

We will be adding more links and information regarding the amazing artisans to the menu on the left soon.  Check back in the next few weeks for up to date information regarding the streets/artisans as there a number of new homes and artisans this season.


A New Year

February 29, 2012

The Creative Co-operative would like to thank everyone who made the 2011 tour such a great success!  Thanks to all the hosts and vendors and of course all of the patrons.

Planning has begun for next year, and the Co-operative is looking for new members!  If you are interested in participating in one of North Bay’s finest craft shows please contact us for details.

Keep checking, information on the 2012 tour will be posted when it is available.


City Streets Tour 2011

October 19, 2011

The Creative Co-operative Artisans are gearing up for the 2011 City Streets House Tour on Saturday November, 26th 2011.  This year there will be five homes on the tour offering a wide range of local handmade goods.   Brochures will be available shortly from participating artists, look for them at area craft shows in the coming weeks.  Check back soon, the brochure will be posted here!

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