Site F – 970 Premier Road


Today the Spirit of Christmas is alive and well as I continue to create my iconic Old World St. Nicholas Sculptures. First created in 1986, each original character is hand made of stoneware clay, fired in a kiln and then hand painted with artist acrylics. My “Santas” have become an important part of holiday tradition for many North Bay families and can be found in homes around the world. I welcome City Streets visitors to my new home on Premier Road.

PAT STAMP – 705-472-5102 –


Betty has a passion for Jesters! Her Jester Christmas Ornaments have become a favourite with many collectors while her sculptures and jester-topped totems bring a dash of colour and joy to the homes of those who collect them. Betty also does unique and original pieces of functional pottery. Her signature mugs are her most popular pottery items. Betty will have a diverse collection to choose from for those looking for a special, one-of-a-kind gift to give at Christmas or any other time of the year.

BETTY ACKROYD – 705-478-7205 –


Anne’s 30 year career as a professional photographer, gave her a love of the narrative that a story can be found in everything and everyone has a story. Combine this with her love of folk whimsy and legends and add the colours of our northern landscape and lakes. This is what informs her pottery. Always functional in nature, her pieces can be used everyday, bringing to your home, the serene colours of our beautiful north with a touch of story magic.




A well known local potter, Rosemary created decorative and functional pottery. Ideal for at home use or that special gift.

ROSEMARY THOMAS – 705-494-9264 –


A realistic painter Edna’s work closely reflects her three passions – nature, gardening and horses. Her finely detailed watercolours show the exacting standards she sets for herself. The lush gardens that surround her lakeside home are a rich source for her creative output. The many birds and animals that freely wander her garden and the northern landscapes soon become captured on paper. Edna will also be offering Christmas cakes made from her Scottish mother-in-law’s recipe.

EDNA SCOTT – 705-752-3305 –


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